Woman hypnotises man
HypnoSex is using hypnosis to enhance sex for you and your partner. There's no magic involved, nor do you need special powers. Hypnotising someone is a simple skill to learn. It just requires a little patience and enthusiasm. Anyone can do it.

Hypnosex can mean more intense feelings, stronger orgasms and more compelling and involving fantasies. Simply put, it's an additional tool to add to your sexual toolbox.

For someone who suffers from a very conservative upbringing which has left them sexually inhibited, hypnosex can be a great way to diminish those inhibitions and help them get in contact with their sexuality.

And for those times when stress makes it hard to respond sexually, hypnosis can make the stress magically disappear so that there are no obstacles to sex.
What are hypnosis and post-hypnotic suggestions?

Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation where the subject - you or your partner - are open and responsive to suggestion. In this state you can be much more sensitive and sexually aroused than when you're awake.

Post-hypnotic suggestions are an important part of learning hypnosis. These are commands you give your partner while they're hypnotised and which they follow after you've woken them from the trance. These can be amazingly useful because they prolong the effects of hypnosis well after the person has woken up. These can help them be more sexy and responsive during "normal" lovemaking.